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Daggerspell is the first book in the Deverry cycle.

Publication History Edit

Daggerspell was first published in September 1986 by Doubleday in hardcover format. A mass market paperback was published by Del Rey in November 1987.

An "author's definitive edition", with some revisions to the text, was published as a mass market paperback in November 1993 by Bantam Spectra. Bantam Spectra published the revised edition as an e-book in Kindle format in December of 2010.

In June of 2018, Tantor Audio released an unabridged audio recording narrated by Ruth Urquhart.


A rebellion in the province of Eldidd instigated by the mad half-elven sorcerer Loddlaen, himself influenced by a dark dweomerman. The dweomermaster Nevyn searches for Jill in order to fulfil an ancient oath. Jill becomes the mistress of Lord Rhodry Maelwaedd.