Author Katharine Kerr
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Darkspell is the 2nd book in the Deverry Cycle.

Publication History Edit

Darkspell was originally published in hardcover format by Doubleday in September 1987. Del Rey published a mass market paperback edition in January 1989.

An "author's definitive edition", with revisions to the text, was published by Bantam Spectra in November 1994 in mass market paperback format. Bantam Spectra published the revised edition as an e-book in Kindle format in June 2010.

In July of 2018, Tantor Audio published an unabridged audiobook narrated by Ruth Urquhart.


Rhodry is sent into exile by his brother Rhys, the Gwerbret of Aberwyn, and becomes a mercenary soldier called a silver dagger. Jill goes with him; they become involved in a dark dweomerman’s plot to steal the Great Stone of the West, a magical gemstone which guides the conscience of Deverry’s king.