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Gweniver is generally a strong, confident woman who is chiefly motivated by rage and a desire for revenge against the Boar Clan which decimated her own Wolf Clan. She is not introspective in the least. As a reincarnation of Brangwen she evidences raw dweomer talent but neither understands it nor can use it to her own ends. She attributes her abilities to the Goddess of the Moon, and most of the men she leads consider her god-touched. To a large extent she foreshadows her later reincarnation as Jill, likewise a female warrior. Jill later experiences several dream-memories as herself as Gweniver, and in a conversation refers to Gweniver as "splendid"; however, where Jill fears her own skill in combat, Gweniver embraces it too wholeheartedly, losing her grip on her own sanity.

As a warleader, Gweniver has similarities to the historical figure Joan of Arc (including a religious conversion and a death by fire); she also shares a name with the queen of Arthurian legend.

In the BooksEdit

Gweniver is a Moon-Sworn warrior who worships the dark side of the moon. She is the oldest surviving heir of the Wolf Clan during the Time of Troubles. After her younger brother Avoic is killed she assumes leadership of the Wolves, but swears her allegiance to the Goddess of the Moon in Her Dark Time, also known as She of the Sword-Struck Heart. Having done so, she trains as a warrior, and ultimately dies in battle.

Family and relationshipsEdit

Gweniver is the oldest daughter of the Wolf Clan, and assumes its leadership after her brother Avoic is killed. Once she becomes a Moon-Sworn Warrior Priestess she relinquishes leadership of the Wolf to her younger sister Macla, who marries Gwetmar in order to keep the Wolf lineage alive. Her mother Dolyan objects to her assumption of the Priestesshood and mourns her as if she is dead.

Gweniver is often called "Gwen" by those closest to her, including the other Priestesses of the Moon whom she knows very well. She never marries, having taken a vow of chastity upon assuming the Priestesshood, but she is very close with Ricyn, a rider in her warband (the reincarnation of Blaen) and the two take a blood vow to die together.

Although she mistrusts King Glyn's younger illegitimate brother Dannyn (the reincarnation of Gaerrant) she trains with him and fights alongside him until he sexually assaults her. Since she is not seriously harmed she accedes to King Glyn's pleas and only has Dannyn exiled rather than executed for laying hands on a Priestess; Dannyn, however, ends his life shortly thereafter.

She becomes friends with Nevyn and recognizes his dweomer talent, but Nevyn is unable to teach her the dweomer due to her own mental instability.

Other incarnationsEdit

Hwilli, Brangwen, Lyssa, Branoic, Morwen, Jill, Branna

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